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Becoming a parent can be a very daunting time especially for first time parents. As mums to be we have a lot of the new physical changes to deal with and these experiences can defiantly be very challenging on a daily basis especially within the 1st trimester. Every mum to be is different. Some of us are lucky to get through the first trimester without even a pinch of morning sickness and many of us are lucky to be able to even look at food without feeling nauseous!
In this blog we have compiled some of the more useful tips that may help ease us mums to be through the first few months of our bodies adapting to pregnancy. Many myself i have tried and tested with my past pregnancies and found some more useful than others.

Tiredness- This has got to be one of the first challenges unfortunately it pretty much can last throughout our entire pregnancy. Trying to minimalize the amount we do throughout the day, i found by writing a “to do list” down and only concentrating on the major items on it helped me slow my day down.Also i know it sounds boring but, getting to bed a little earlier can help to add the extra rest in that we need. When baby comes you will wish you had got extra sleep while you could..

Morning sickness- Was top of my list from day one was a telling sign we was expecting baby number two. Although we are told this is meant to be a good sign of a healthy pregnancy MY GOSH i was not ready for this part. On the plus side i found some great ideas that brought me relief. Before getting out of bed nibble on a cracker and sip cold water this helped to calm the stomach acid down, adding a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon also helped (and is a great detox for nasty toxins first thing in the morning). The last thing you will feel like doing is eating with morning sickness but in my case it was all day sickness…eating little and often things (preferably bland foods/carbs) can help to keep your energy levels up a little and the nausea not as intense. A lot of people find ease wearing SeaBands on their wrist, in my case it does not stop the nausea but helped with the intensity. Plenty of fluids is a must…

Aches and pains- i remember feeling as if i had flu symptoms with my body aching, especially in the lower abdomen as if i had bad premenstrual pains. The best and natural remedy i found was relax in warm baths/showers and apply a good hot water bottle for fast relief, although must make sure the water bottle is not too hot and cause scolding to skin.

Even though we all have different experiences good and bad within out first trimesters its important to remember that at the end of everything, having a precious little baby is WORTH IT.

- BellaminaBaby x